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    Contacting our support team is easy and fast by design. We outline our process and your expected experience below, if we did not meet these standards, please contact us at with any concerns, questions, or details about our service.

    • Contact Support - Email, Chat, and Phone Service

      The fastest way to contact us and have us aware of your support need is through our website chat widget found on the bottom-right corner. You can also choose to reach out through phone and email, where we will answer promptly.

      We recommend you first speak with someone through our chat, and request a call from there. We strive to provide the best support service in the industry.

    • Submit a Ticket

      If you have been issued a ticket and would like to follow-up on the status, you can either login to your LAC Healthcare Solutions account and view ticket status. Or you can reach out, and we will give you up to date details regarding your submission. 

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