USA Procurement and Sourcing

When you can't rely on your suppliers, you can rely on us.

Anyone can help you import from China, but who can support your USA procurement and sourcing efforts when shipping and product backlogs make it impossible to import in a timely manner? 

LAC Healthcare Solutions specializes in crisis and risk management solutions for large healthcare organizations. Your supply chain does not have to be perfect, close the wedge and hedge your risk with our friendly staff.

Your trusted suppliers can’t access critical products? Our team of procurement experts, and diverse supplier networks, will work to get you what you need, when you need it. 

We don’t price our services/products or solutions on your necessity. Our main value added is you will pay the best prices out there, that’s a promise, no matter how badly you need the product. That’s our mission, vision, and promise: high yield, quick, and transparent USA procurement and sourcing.

  • How do I get access to USA Procurement and Sourcing?

    Simply place a call, chat request, or email us. Describe your need, and we will get to work. Your patients can't wait for due process. If you don't like the prices, or things changed, our solution is commitment free.

  • How long will feedback take?

    The moment you contact us, through chat, phone, or email, we will keep you updated as frequently as you need. In this market, things change frequently, we give you the flexibility to plan your procurement by the hour. 

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