Veterinary-Colored Capsule Bottles-Green-13 Dram

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Veterinary RC Colored Capsule Bottles Green Color – 13 Dram Size Capsule bottles come with CRC caps.  CRC caps display animal only caption with pet identifier picture. Making it easy to differentiate from your capsules and your pets.  Pet capsule bottles provide excellent storage for pet meds and pet friendly flavored gelatin capsules.
* Quantities given are approximate

Veterinary Colored Capsule Bottles :

  • Professional grade, the same we sell to Pharmacies, Physicians, Labs, Hospitals, Vets
  • Perfect for Cannabis product sales
  • 10 sets giant 60 dram 6.2 ounce medicine vials push & turn child resistant caps
  • Brand new, never used, no medicine residue like others
  • Medical bottles are our business and there is no better product

2 reviews for Veterinary-Colored Capsule Bottles-Green-13 Dram

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Andrew Corcoran

    Was able to get close to 30 small to medium pills in the bottle. Closes and secures tightly.

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Lester Miller

    Those fit very well. They function well and the top seals easily.

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