Health care Ampoule Opener Breaker

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The Ampoule Breaker reduces the risk of injury when breaking
ampoules. The container includes a slot to enable the ampoules to
be broken. After snapping the cap off it falls into the ampoule


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Health care Ampoule Opener Breaker


  • Reduces the chances of finger cuts and cross-contamination.
  • The small cutting blade inside scores the ampule stem to help ensure a clean break.
  • Works with most ampules and can be sterilized.
  • Dimensions: 2-5/8″L and 3/4″ diameter.
  • The disposable, one-time-use polyethylene sleeve helps protect your fingers
    from glass shards when opening ampules.
  • The Health care Ampoule Opener Breaker encapsulates the ampule top upon opening
  • making disposal of the glass top easy and safe.


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3/4" diameter

3 reviews for Health care Ampoule Opener Breaker

  1. Alice Press

    Works pretty well, there is a split on one side It works perfectly.

  2. Polly Alvarez

    Great for opening ampules. you’ll appreciate this device.

  3. Mary Williams

    Just break them yourself and save your money

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