Tamper Tool, for use with Capsule Machine Size 3

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Capsule Machine Size 3

The Tamper will help you make the most out of your capsules by compressing the powder further into the capsule.
After spreading the herb powder into your empty capsules, you use the tamper to press down and pack the powder tight into the capsules.  Then, add more powder and pack again.
Please note: This is not the complete Cap-M-Quick Machine. This only the tamper accessory tool.

Capsule Machine Size 3

Capsule filler is a type of machine used to fill empty capsules with pharmaceutical ingredients. These capsules fillers are divided into 2 categories depending upon their uses i.e., personal capsule filling machine & professional capsule filling machine. Personal capsule filling machines is for small scale production and utilization. These personal capsule filler machines allow people to fill their capsules with the necessary medication.


Every machine has its own working method. The capsule filling machine works in a step-by-step process that is as mentioned below.

  1. The positioning of colourless & translucent capsules in the capsule filling tray.
  2. Division of capsule caps from their bodies.
  3. Filling up the capsule body with pharmaceutical ingredients
  4. Rearrange the caps and bodies
  5. Expulsion of filled capsules from the machine


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    Kevin Staley

    I like it! these are the best quality product. I’ll recommend it.

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