Spatulas, Stainless Steel, Flat and Spoon, 8″ (20cm) long

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Steel Flat and Spoon 8″.

Stainless steel spatulas with one flat end and one spoon end. Ideal for use in the transfer, collection, and handling of chemical, oil, herbs, capsule filling ingredients or biological samples. Substances will not stick to spatula surfaces.

Flat on one end and one spoon end on the other.
Steel Flat and Spoon 8″ Material: Stainless steel construction
Size: 8″
Nonstick surface
Ready to ship at your convenience

Used by: Chemists, Pharmacists, Cooks, Aromatherapists, and Herbs for home capsule and supplement making. LAC Healthcare Solutions carries a complete line of: Laboratory Glassware, Lab Plastic and Porcelainware, 100% Pure Carrier and Essential Oils, Laboratory Equipment, and Chemicals, Reagents, and Solvents

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1 review for Spatulas, Stainless Steel, Flat and Spoon, 8″ (20cm) long

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Miriam Judge

    Great looking set, very shiny and elegant looking. They also feel pretty sturdy in your hand.

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