Sharps-A-Gator Chimney Top Containers, Red, 4 Quarts

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Monoject™ Chimney-Top Sharps-A-Gator Chimney Top Containers 4 Quart, Small, Autoclavable
Monoject Chimney-Top Sharps Container features chimney top entry and viewing windows located on all four sides of unit with a clear lid. Unit includes an extra wide, butterfly closure, and needle removal notches.  Can be autoclaved or incinerated. Ensures the safe disposal of needles, syringes with needles, diabetic syringes, pen diabetic needles, and lancets. Medical Sharps Containers has a chimney top for safe disposal of sharps and needles in order to protect patients and caregivers from stick accidents.

Designed for safety, convenience, and quality.
Manufactured by Kendall, the Sharps-A-Gator Chimney Top Containers are made of plastic and have a chimney top for the safe disposal of sharps and needles. Large opening for opening for depositing needles and waste, along with a universal needles key that provides safety.
Lid has a sliding closure that temporarily closes when the container is not in use.
Latex Free
Manufactured by Kendall / Covidien Healthcare

Container Dimension:
6.75 in. x 10.56 in. x 7.08 in. with Chimney Top

Holds approximately:

  • 125 – 3ml syringe with needles
  • 250 – 1ml diabetic syringes.

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3 reviews for Sharps-A-Gator Chimney Top Containers, Red, 4 Quarts

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Martin Archuleta

    I have a monthly injection. The injector is rather large. This is a perfect size.

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Julie Isaac

    The product was shipped as promised and the product works as advertised

  3. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Robert Nuckols

    good size, fast shipping

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