Orange Flavored Gelatin Capsules, Size 0 (Qty. 500)

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capsules exist to prevent you from having to taste the contents.

And this is appreciated, but a flavorless capsule is nearly as bad as the contents.

Add a little life to your capsules with this orange-flavored gelatin capsule.


Orange Flavored Gelatin Capsules Size 0
Capacity: 400mg to 800mg.

Our citrus-flavored capsules are an excellent choice for anyone who typically doesn’t like taking supplements, vitamins, or medication.

  • Flavored and scented gelatin capsules mask any unpleasant taste and odors from the contents.
  • Our goal is to make supplements and medication easier for everyone to take.
  • Our goal is to make supplements and medication easier for everyone to take.
  • Orange Flavored Capsules are the perfect gelatin capsules for am or anytime supplements.
    Flavored and colored empty gelatin capsules with their delicious flavor and aroma, are excellent sources for branding and product recognition,

plus have vast marketability. Flavored Capsules increase product appeal and improve the capsule consumption experience.

They also provide protection to light-sensitive ingredients.
Flavored Empty Gelatin Capsules conveniently packaged in 500 count re-sealable bags.
We proudly package all our capsules with BPA-free plastic bags and gripper jars.

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400mg, 800mg


1 review for Orange Flavored Gelatin Capsules, Size 0 (Qty. 500)

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Heather Jackson

    These capsules are perfect for my needs. I’m using them to make cumin supplements.

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