Mortar and Pestle Sets

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Mortar and Pestle Sets are ideal for preparing laboratory samples. Used by: Chemists, Pharmacists, Cooks, Aromatherapists, and Herbs for home capsule and supplemt making. Hand-grind Your Herbs, Cosmetics, and other Items. LAC Healthcare Solutions carries a complete line of: Laboratory Glassware, Lab Plastic and Porcelainware, Laboratory Equipment, and Chemicals, Reagents, and Solvents.This Mortar and Pestle Sets is made from Solid Granite and is 18cm in diameter & 11cm high. A beautiful, useful piece to have in any kitchen.

Instruction: place food in mortar bowl in small quantities and push down with pestle, making a circular motion to grind food. Be sure not to use too much force and have a firm grip on the mortar. Clean by hand with mild soap and warm water, dry with a towel.


  • Mortar & Pestle.
  • Solid Granite.
  • Measurements – 18cm diameter & 11cm high.
  • Charcoal Grey Granite.
  • 5.5kg in total.


2 reviews for Mortar and Pestle Sets

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    John Villalobos

    I highly recommend this set. Mine arrived in perfect condition

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Fran Perez

    Perfect size to leave out and access easily. Arrived in perfect shape and on time. Very happy with the purchase.

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