Latex Finger Cot, Small – XL

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These finger cots provide grip, protect wounds, and prevent fingerprints in various home and industrial uses. Use them while cleaning, painting, or handling sticky, wet, or damp materials. They’re perfect for tasks that require fine motor control and grip, repairing electronics and computers, and cleaning jewelry.

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Powder-Free Latex Finger Cots provide user protection and prevent contamination and infection.  Excellent fingertip dexterity. Can be used for blisters, abrasions cuts, apply medication, insert suppositories, lightly bandaged finger from dirt & moisture and other hygiene concerns.


  • Approved for medical use and intended to protect health care professionals and patients
  • Pre-rolled and non-powdered
  • Natural white latex. Powder-Free.
  • Minimum of .08mm thickness.
  • Latex Finger Cot, 144/bx

Sizes:  Small thru X-Large

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2 reviews for Latex Finger Cot, Small – XL

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Leonard Kelly

    My dermatologist recommended these for me b/c I have a bad habit of picking my face. These are perfect for that purpose. I only use it when watching tv or driving, my normal time that I pick my face. These have helped.

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Jessie Owen

    Excellent product for not leaving fingerprint marks when working. I usually use them 3-4 times before they break. This measure looks great on my fingers.

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