Kendall Zinc Calcium Alginate Dressing-9354, 2 x 2″, Sterile, Box of 10

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Kendall Zinc Calcium Alginate Dressing , 2 x 2″, Sterile
Item #: 9354

Bandage – Calcium Alginate Dressing – Hydrocolloid dressings
Kendall Covidien, zinc calcium alginate dressings are designed to interact with sodium in wounds to create an ionic exchange and help jump-start the epitheliazation process. These unique dressings also feature the added benefits of zinc. The dressings absorb approximately 20 times their weight in exudate. They will have minimal shrinkage to help prevent maceration of the periwound.

The isotonic sodium configuration is gentle on the wound. Gel block feature with unique fiber configuration encourages vertical wicking which pulls exudates straight through the dressing allowing more efficient exudate removal. Stable gel formula having higher percentage of guluronic levels allows easier and painless removal and minimizes tissue trauma. The dressing absorbs approximately 20 times its weight in exudate.

Features :

  • Absorbent Kendall Zinc Calcium Alginate Dressing  with the added benefit of zinc
  • Absorbs exudate from wound and creates a protective cushioning gel and optimal moist healing environment
  • Protective gel binds exudate and helps prevent skin maceration
  • Can be used on infected wounds
  • Absorbs approximately 20 times the dressing’s weight
  • Unique composition and weaving pattern help to provide a simplified one piece removal


  • Deep & Tunneling Wounds
  • Heavy to Moderate exudating wounds
  • Venous ulcers -Diabetic ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Donor sites
  • Second degree burns
  • Abrasions/Lacerations/Skin Tears
  • Pressure ulcers

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2 reviews for Kendall Zinc Calcium Alginate Dressing-9354, 2 x 2″, Sterile, Box of 10

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Emma Allen

    Wonderful value and love that each roll is individually wrapped. So I can take extra rolls with me and not need to worry about them getting dirty or unroll in my bag.

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    John Moreland

    store in your glove box or even your first aid kit. I will absolutely be buying more.

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