Easy Touch Pen Needles, 29g x .5

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Easy Touch Pen Needles cap is color-coded by gauge for easy and accurate identification. Confusion is reduced significantly by allowing customers to identify their correct gauge and needle length quickly.

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Easy Touch U-100 Diabetic Pen Needles 29 gauge x .5 inch are designed to be compatible with the most popular brands of Diabetic Devices and are available in three gauge sizes.


Pen Needles feature steel construction with thin-wall cannulas and tri-bevel cut tips for maximum patient comfort. Disposable Pen Needles are film-coated for a smoother injection and are electro-polished to remove microscopic burrs.

Diabetic Pen Needles are universally sized and fit pens from major brands including BD®, Humulin®, Humalog®, Innolet®, Innovo®, InDuo®, NOVOPen®, and Flexpen®.
Each Pen Needle from MHC is color-coded to its gauge for easy identification.


Easy Touch Pen Needles Injection unique are triple-bevel cut to a super sharp point, electro-polished to remove microscopic burrs, and film-coated for smoother injection.

Easy Touch Pen Needles Injection Features:

  • Securely attached needle eliminates needle pop-off
  • Triple-Bevel Cut for a Sharper Point
  • Thin Wall Cannulas for an Easier Flow
  • Electro-polished to Remove burrs for a smoother injection
  • Film-coated for maximum comfort
  • Particular surgical grade stainless steel

Dispose of all used needles in a sharps container according to local rules and regulations.  Buy all your Diabetic Testing Supplies Online at LAC Healthcare Solutions.

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2 reviews for Easy Touch Pen Needles, 29g x .5

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Nancy Jackson

    I got exactly what was ordered. These are the best insulin pins I’ve used. free shipping in two days, it’s also a great value. Very happy that I’m all set for a while.

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    James Lopez

    I was worried bc of the reviews but i got exactly what I ordered so far so good.

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