Dynarex Tuberculin Syringes


The Dynarex Tuberculin Syringes are high-quality, medical-grade hypodermic syringes designed to deliver small doses of medication effectively and precisely. Each disposable syringe features a sterile, stainless-steel needle with a double-beveled tip for smoother insertion and improved patient comfort. The transparent barrel is clearly marked with bold-font numbering for accurate dosing and measurement.


The Dynarex Tuberculin Safety Syringe provide a sterile, effective way to deliver small doses of medication accurately. Each needle has a double bevel, allowing for ease of penetration while reducing the required plunger force, helping larger doses flow smoothly. With wider unit spacing, the users can draw up to an accurate dose of 1mL, and low dead spacing at the upper end of the barrel, minimizing the waste of medication. These tuberculin syringes come with a clear barrel, giving an excellent view of the contents for precise dosing and readability.
Sterile and disposable
Thin-walled needle with double bevel point
Transparent barrel with large-font gradations
Individually wrapped and sealed
Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic Not made with natural rubber latex

Additional information


Product Size – Actual Diameter (Inches): 0.272 , Product Size – Actual Diameter (mm): 6.8 , Product Size – Actual Length (Inches): 5.316 , Product Size – Actual Length (mm): 132.9 , Product Size – Actual Width (Inches): 0.755 , Detachable Needle (Y/N): Yes , Sterile (Y/N): Yes , Rx Only (Y/N): Yes , Product Size – Actual Width (mm): 19.2 , Needle Wall: Regular Wall , Sterility Method: Ethylene Oxide (EO) , Storage Temperature Range: 59F – 86F , Spec – Plunger Length (mm): 81.28 , Shelf Life: 5 years , Spec – Barrel Length (mm): 78.45 , Spec – Cap Length (mm): 35