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Dynarex Resp-02™ Suction Units are premium-grade medical devices designed to safely and effectively remove excess secretions and fluids from the airways of respiratory patients. These powerful suction units are easily portable and feature high-quality vacuum regulators and anti-vibration vacuum gauge settings to ensure quiet and efficient operation.

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The Dynarex Resp-O2™ Suction Unit is a professional-grade medical suction device used to remove excess mucus and fluid from the sinuses, throat, and lungs for improved breathing function. Sturdy construction and powerful vacuum provide strong, effective suctioning. This portable unit is ideal for travel and perfect for use in clinical and homecare settings. The Dynarex Resp-O2™ Suction Unit features either suction feet or sturdy base for reliable stability and includes an 800 cc fluid-collection cannister and automatic overflow protection to protect against liquid back-up. Hydrophobic fiber filter guards against bacteria for optimal hygiene and safety. High-quality vacuum regulator and anti-vibration vacuum gauge settings provide a more comfortable experience during procedures.
Designed to provide vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg
Fiber filter guards against bacteria and contaminants
Clearly marked gauge allows for easy pressure monitoring
Oil-less lubrication provides consistent functionality
Includes an 800 cc disposable suction canister, tubing, and bacterial filter

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HCPCS Code: E0600+A7000