Dynarex Sphygmomanometers


Dynarex sphygmomanometers are designed to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure effectively and precisely for accurate patient diagnostics and evaluations. Each aneroid sphygmomanometer features a chrome-plated gauge with air-release valve, adjustable Velcro strip, and nylon carrying case.

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Dynarexs Sphygmomanometers are an economical and practical choice, ensuring accuracy, durability and reliability, featuring a clear and easy-to-read 300mmHg gauge.
Chrome-plated pressure gauge
Nylon cuff with adjustable Velcro strip and thumb-activated air release valve
Includes calibration key and artery indicator labels
Comes with a zip-closed nylon carrying case
Not made with natural rubber latex
Available in Infant (7104); Toddler (7105); Child (7106); Adult/Medium (7107); Adult/Large (7108); and Adult/XL (7109) Sphygmomanometers Calibration Instructions for the instructions.

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DEHP Free (Y/N): Yes , Warranty: 2 Years , Storage Temperature Range: 59F – 86F , Components: Gauge, Diaphragm(inside of gauge), Valve, Cuff, Bladder, Bulb, Bag , Master Case Dimensions: 9.1" W x 8.3" D x 15.0" H , Inner Box Dimensions: 4.1" W x 2.8" D x 7.7" H , HCPCS Code: 7106-7109: A4663