Dynarex SecureSafe Syringe With Safety Needle


The Dynarex SecureSafe Syringes with Safety Needle are designed with a safety engineered mechanism to provide a comfortable, effective way to deliver medication or draw blood, while protecting the users from accidental needlesticks.

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The Dynarex SecureSafe Syringes with Safety Needles provide a sterile, effective way to deliver comfortable injections. All needles are color coded to represent the gauge of the needle and attach to the syringe by either luer lock or luer slip connection. The needles have a double bevel, allowing for ease of penetration while reducing the required plunger force, helping larger doses flow smoothly. The SecureSafe safety mechanism features a quick cover that allows the user to cover and protect the needle with a press and snap.
SecureSafe Safety mechanism has a quick-cover that allows you to easily cover and protect the needle with a press and snap, protecting against accidental needlestick
Color-coded needle hub for quick identification of the needle gauge
Smooth-gliding plunger promotes accurate medication measurement
Easy-to-read scale markings helps prepare specific dosing
Not made with natural rubber latex

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5cc, 3cc, 1cc, 10cc


Product Size – Actual Diameter (Inches): 0.163 , Product Size – Actual Diameter (mm): 4.15 , Detachable Needle (Y/N): Yes , Sterile (Y/N): Yes , Safety (Y/N): Yes , Rx Only (Y/N): Yes , Needle Wall: Thin Wall , Sterility Method: Ethylene Oxide (EO) , Storage Temperature Range: 59F – 86F , Shelf Life: 5 years , Spec – Cap Length (mm): 55.8 , HCPCS Code: 8916, 8919: A4209 8921-8928: A4208 8929-8932: A4206