Dynarex Safety Glasses & Protective Eye Goggles Clear Protective Eyewear


Dynarex Safety Glasses offer lightweight protection from dust, airborne fragments, and liquid splashes. These durable, scratch-resistant glasses feature a wrap-around design and anti-fog lenses. Dynarex also offers Protective Eyewear, which features side vents and fits over most prescription eyeglasses and Protective Eye Goggles which are designed for protection from airborne particles in a variety of settings. The goggles are lightweight and feature anti-fog lenses and an adjustable elastic strap for maximum convenience.

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Lightweight, anti-fog glasses provide optical clarity
Integrated side-shields provide added protection from stray particles
Dynarex Safety Glasses: available in Black (2198) and Blue (2199)
Dynarex Protective Eyewear (2122): fits over prescription glasses and features side vents to prevent fogging
Protective Eye Goggles (2297): Lightweight, anti-fog goggles provide optical clarity, Goggles feature a comfortable, elastic goggle strap
Certified to ANSI Z87.1-2015

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DEHP Free (Y/N): Yes , Storage Temperature Range: 59F – 86F