Dynarex Closed Suction Catheters – Endotracheal T-Piece


Dynarex Resp-O2 Closed Suction Endotracheal Catheters are disposable respiratory devices designed to safely remove secretions from the respiratory tract of ventilator-dependent patients. The device allows ventilation to continue during suctioning, helps prevent cross-contamination, and protects caregivers from airborne pathogens.

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Protects patient from contact with outside pathogens and prevents contamination of the surrounding environment
Smooth, flexible tubing minimizes patient discomfort
Pressure wiper seal helps maintain PEEP
Flex Tube provides adjustment and flexibility to the ventilator circuit
Designed for 24-hr, single-patient use
Does not contain DEHP

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12FR, 16FR, 10FR, 14FR


DEHP Free (Y/N): Yes , Rx Only (Y/N): Yes , Sterile (Y/N): Yes , HCPCS Code: A4605