Dynarex Breathable-Foam Trach Tube Holders


Dynarex Resp-O2 Breathable-Foam Trach Tube Holders are designed to stabilize and securely hold tracheostomy tubes in place to help ensure uninterrupted airflow to trach patients. The Trach Tube Holder is designed with soft, open-cell foam to aerate skin for optimal patient comfort.

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The Dynarex Resp-02 Breathable-Foam Trach Tube Holder is designed to hold tracheostomy tubes safely and reliably in place to help minimize movement and ensure uninterrupted airflow to trach patients. Breathable foam padding allows air to reach skin to help keep the area dry. Gentle cushioning helps to minimize irritation for optimal ease of wear. The Trach Tube Holder features a convenient, one-piece design that is easy to adjust with hook-and-loop straps, eliminating the need for tape or other additional closures.
Helps to stabilize trach tube and reduce risk of dislodgement
Breathable foam material helps keep skin dry and comfortable
Features high-quality, USA-made materials
Adjustable hook-and-loop straps provide secure fit
Soft-edged outer ties help prevent irritation
Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

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HCPCS Code: A7526