Dynarex 5 Oz. Drinking Cups


High value, high quality drinking cups made from high impact polypropylene that is both sturdy and shatterproof, yet flexible.

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The Dynarex Drinking Cups are constructed of a flexible, yet durable plastic, that allows for repeated individual use while remaining effective as a disposable option. The Plastic Cups feature a ridged midline for an added grip, as well as a rolled lip for easy separation. Available in white, blue, mint green, mauve and lavender.
Rolled lip for easy separation
Ribbed in the center for easy handling and sturdy construction
High-impact polypropylene that is both sturdy and shatterproof, yet flexible
5 oz. cups fit in most appropriately sized dispensers

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DEHP Free (Y/N): Yes , Storage Temperature Range: 59F – 86F