BD Oral Dispensing Syringe, 1mL, Amber Barrel

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1mL BD Dispensing Oral Syringe with Tip Cap – Amber Barrrel
Oral syringes accurately measures small doses of liquid medicine to be administered.

Why use BD Oral Dispensing Syringes to deliver liquid medicine vs household teaspoons/tablespoons?
Since 1975, the American Academy of Pediatrics pointed out that using household instruments like spoons to administer liquid medication is inaccurate.  The primary reason is that typical household teaspoons hold anywhere between 3mL to 7 mL verses an accurate teaspoon measurement is 5mL.

Therefore, when a Doctor or medication bottle prescribes “one teaspoon 3 times a day” of liquid medication or antibiotics for example, using a household spoon could result in overdose or under dose of medication.  Using an oral syringe for liquid medication will ensure accurate dosage.


  • Application: Oral Syringe
  • Barrel Color: Amber
  • Syringe Capacity: 1mL or 1cc
  • Syringe tip: Luer Slip
  • Syringe Capacity Graduations: 0.2 mL increments
  • Easy to read scale markings in both mL and teaspoon scale for accuracy
  • Latex Free
  • Brand: BD Becton Dickinson
  • Item Number: 305207

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***This Product if opened cannot be returned as it loses sterility open breaking the plastic packaging***

2 reviews for BD Oral Dispensing Syringe, 1mL, Amber Barrel

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Pamela Brown

    The cover makes for easy mixing! quality best.

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Susan Douglas

    These are easy to use. Sturdy. Relatively inexpensive.

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