BD Luer Lok 10mL with 20g x 1.5″ needle, 100/BX, 309645

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BD Luer Lok 10mL Syringe with PrecisionGlide Needle: 10mL/cc x 20g x 1.5, 309645

Volume: 10mL/cc
Gauge: 20 gauge
Needle Length:1.5 inch (38mm)
Wall: Regular
10 mL BD Luer-Lok syringe with 20 G x 1 1/2 in. BD PrecisionGlide needle, regular bevel, regular wall. Detachable needle. Best selling brand of hypodermic products in the U.S.; 5 mL BD Luer-Lok syringe with positive plunger rod stop and tapered plunger rod design. Packaging is clearly labeled latex-free. Becton Dickinson and Company: PrecisionGlide Hypodermic Syringe with detachable needle combination is latex-free. World’s sharpest needle is combined with BD’s clear barrel featuring bold scale. Regular Bevel, Regular wall. Detachable Needle.  Disposable, Sterile Syringes have clear barrel and feature a bold print scale that is easy to read.

BD Luer Lok 10mL  Features:

  • Hypodermic
  • Single-Use disposable
  • Latex Free
  • Sterile-Radiation, EtO
  • Type: Luer-Lock
  • Detachable Needle
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Tapered Plunger Rod Design
  • Smooth plunger motion
  • Plastic blister package is tamper evident, for assurance of sterility

Dispose of all used needles in a sharps container according to local rules and regulations.

1 review for BD Luer Lok 10mL with 20g x 1.5″ needle, 100/BX, 309645

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    George Maynard

    This is a great product for my needs and doesn’t worry about touching the needle because you won’t!!

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