Ampoule Opener (Large) RLS-26525 Fits: 11-20ml

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Ampoule Opener (Large) RLS-26525 Fits: 11-20ml provides a safe, convenient way to open glass ampules. The Ampule opener encapsulates the ampule top upon opening, making disposal of the glass top easy and safe.

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Our Ampoule Opener (Large) RLS-26525 Fits: 11-20ml are composed of lightweight plastic, featuring markings for identification and measurement.

These openers, easily fold over and clasp with minimal effort into an effective opening tool and are complete with lid for containment.

We offer three distinct sizes for your needs, at unbeatable prices.

Features of the Ampule Breaker:


  1. Easy to use—single-use format protects against glass shards
  2. Compatible with glass ampules from 11 to 20 mL in size
  3. It Helps prevents cross-contamination

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11ml, 20ml

2 reviews for Ampoule Opener (Large) RLS-26525 Fits: 11-20ml

  1. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Paul Moore

    This product works exactly as advertised, Safety and good design are always a five-star service to me.

  2. LAC Healthcare Solutions

    Tracey Kelly

    This is great for opening ampoule bottles. But I highly recommend it if you want to safely open ampoule bottles.

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