Press Release 2/22/2022 – Dynarex Partnership

LAC Healthcare Solutions and Dynarex Press Release

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new partnership with Dynarex, an industry leader in medical supplies and equipment. We believe this collaboration will be a huge benefit to healthcare professionals around the world by providing high-quality products that meet stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements at competitive prices. Our goal is to improve access to reliable medical supplies so healthcare professionals can focus on delivering the best care possible with confidence.

Dynarex Corporation is excited to announce a new partnership with

Dynarex Corporation is proud to announce a new partnership with one of the most advanced computer technology companies in the world. This exciting collaboration is designed to bring our customers cutting-edge solutions and up-to date data processing technology. Our mission has always been to provide high quality, cost effective products that save time for our customers, and this partnership will help us deliver on that commitment. We’re excited about how this new relationship can support us in providing first class technical services as well as substantial financial savings. With this unique opportunity, Dynarex is unlocking tremendous potential for both parties and reinforcing its status as an industry leader!

This partnership will allow Dynarex to expand its product offerings and reach more customers

Dynarex, a leader in medical and personal care products, is proud to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Proaction Technologies. This innovative new partnership will allow Dynarex to extend its reach beyond their current product line and provide customers with access to an even wider selection of quality healthcare solutions. With this agreement, Dynarex will be able to continue providing high-quality products at competitive prices while introducing an array of technologically advanced tools perfect for today’s modern health practitioner. As part of the agreement, Proaction Technologies will offer not only cutting-edge technology but also comprehensive service and technical support for all our valued customers.

The two companies have complementary products and share the same commitment to quality and customer service

In the IT and software industry, collaborating with others is key to success. By sharing resources and facilitating communication across one another’s platforms, companies have the potential to reach much broader markets than they would on their own. However, sometimes two entities originating from different backgrounds can come together in a way that allows them both to benefit equally — this is exactly what happened when Company A formed a partnership with Company B. Through this strategic alliance of two firms that had complementary products and shared the same commitment to excellence, an opportunity presented itself for both parties to take their businesses into greater heights of growth and impact. What follows leads us on a journey as we discover how this powerful collaborative process unfolded…

Customers can expect to see new products from Dynarex in the coming months

Do you want the latest and greatest medical supplies from one of the leading brands in the industry? Dynarex is excited to announce that they are introducing new products to their already extensive line of exceptional offerings. Customers can now expect to see cutting-edge solutions designed with superb quality as well as sleek design aesthetics coming soon. Keep reading to find out more about what’s on offer!

We are excited to announce our new partnership with ABC Corporation. This partnership will allow us to expand our product offerings and reach more customers. We share the same commitment to quality and customer service, and have complementary products. Customers can expect to see new products from Dynarex in the coming months. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at 1-800-848-9358.

Gabriel Nieves

After experiencing a variety of shortages, crises, and inefficiencies in the status quo of the procurement and distribution industry, I undertook the responsibility of building an interface for large organizations to abstract away uncertainty throughout their supply chain under most conditions.

We are focused on building a framework from which our teams of professionals on the ground can provide a new generation of procurement support and professional services for supply chain critical organizations around the nation.

We understand that the marketing process of critical supplies is a matter of national security and public safety. In this, we found our passion and mission: developing technologies, supplier networks, and platforms for the organizations that need it most.

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