What Are Cotton Balls and Cotton Tipped Swabs Used For?

Cotton balls and cotton tipped swabs:

These are offered in both sterile and non-sterile packaging and share many of the same features of the original product. They are highly absorbent and come packaged in handy peel down bags. Dynarex sterile cotton-tipped applicator pens and tips are manufactured in a uniform length and shape. These cotton bud applicators replace the Covidien (FKA Kendall) Curity — 6 cotton swabs (Q-tips) (KEN541400).

Cotton tips are highly absorbable and are therefore ideal for wound cleansing and care, medication application and other medical purposes.

What are sterile cotton-tipped applicators used for?

We have puritanical sterile cotton swabs with wooden shafts, plastic shafts, aluminum shafts, transport tubes, cap-shure tops, and other great features. Puritan Sterile cotton swabs with plastic shafts are available in a variety of colors yellow, pink, blue, and white for color coding applications. MedLine Sterile cotton balls applicators are designed for general purpose use, such as topical ointment application and wound cleansing. Performance of plastic cotton swabs and plastic rayon-tipped swabs for NP sampling for SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR diagnostics.

Sterile cotton bud applicators are cost-effective, multi-purpose tools that can be used for a variety of simple surgical tasks, such as scratching an itch on the surgeon or the patient’s face.

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