What Is a Potential Complication of Using a Nasopharyngeal Airway That Is Too Long?

The Dynarex nasopharyngeal airways are Robertazzi style and feature a flared end to prevent the device from getting lost in the patient’s nose. The Dynarex nasopharyngeal airways are Robertazzi style and feature a flared end to prevent the device from getting lost in the patient’s nose. These airways are recommended for semi-conscious and unconscious patients to ensure an open airway. The nasopharyngeal airway kit contains lubricant jelly packages and 9 soft, movable airways in different sizes.

Comes with all the necessary components for a caregiver to quickly enter the nasal airway and maintain open airway. Dynarex Corporation was founded in 1967 and is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of disposable medical products.

What is a nasopharynx airway from Robertazzi?

In medicine, a nasopharynx airway, also known as NPA, nasal trumpet (because of its flared end), or nasal tube, is a type of airway accessory, a tube that is intended to be inserted into the nasal passage to secure an open airway. While nasopharyngeal airway devices are airway accessories for patients who are difficult to ventilate and oxygenate, they only serve as a bridge to a stabilized patient who is breathing unaided, or to a patient who requires safe airway via endotracheal or nasotracheal (NT) intubation. Nasopharyngeal airway maneuvers can be very useful for healthcare professionals when patients with respiratory conditions require adequate airway management.

What would cause a nasopharynx airway to be contraindicated?

Choosing an OPA over an NPA in patients with an intact gag reflex poses the risk of vomiting and aspiration pneumonia. See also Airway setup and control Airway setup and control Airway management consists of cleaning the upper airway Maintaining an open air duct with a mechanical device Sometimes assisting breathing (see also Overview of respiratory arrest. This may be as serious as intracranial placement of an NPA and is certainly a common problem. Oropharyngeal airway (also known as OPAs, “oral airway,” or “guedel airways,” named after the original designer Arthur Güdel (), and nasopharyngeal airways (also known as NPAs and nasal airways) are used to maintain an open airway.

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