What Is a Cotton-Tipped Applicator Used For?

Dynarex cotton-tipped applicators are highly absorbent. Dynarex cotton-tipped applicators are highly absorbent. The wooden sticks are strong and the cotton tips are tightly wound and high. Cotton-tipped applicator sticks and tips are produced in uniform length and shape.

Applicator sticks and cotton-tipped tips are produced in uniform length and shape. Cotton-tipped applicators are available sterile and non-sterile. Cotton-tipped applicator sticks and tips are produced in uniform length and shape. The applicator stick with cotton tip is made of wood.

Cotton-tipped applicator and most Dynarex medical supplies are sold in a suitcase.

Do sterile cotton-tipped applicators expire?

The reprocessed packaged items are considered sterile indefinitely until a package is opened or microorganisms can penetrate through events such as getting wet, tearing or puncturing the packaging, or sealing. This can be either a set expiration date or a daily expiration date such as “sterile,” as long as the integrity of the packaging is not compromised. The applicator is made of bound paper and cardboard, which are sourced sustainably and specially manufactured to retain their shape and allow flexibility and safety during use. If a product is sterile and doesn’t have an expiration date, it’s best to check with the manufacturer how long the product can be stored.

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