What Did People Use Instead of Bandages?

Sensi-Wrap self-adhesive people bandage rolls – not made from natural rubber latex. Gauze stretch bandages – sterile %26 non-sterile.

Are there breathable bandages?

In addition to the chemical changes, it is also possible to coat the adhesive in a grid or similar pattern that makes holes in the adhesive layer, which in turn creates breathability. Many different technologies have been tested, including switchable lighting systems, but these too have not established themselves. Advances in medical films such as breathable adhesive, bacterial barrier, low friction coefficient, and low trauma have been optimized over the years to offer high-performance medical components for bandages. All elastoplast adhesive bandages are breathable and protect the wound from external influences, preventing dirt and bacteria from entering and reducing the risk of infection.

people use instead of bandages

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people use instead of bandages


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