What Can I Put On My Tattoo if I Don’t Have A&D?


Dynarex vitamin A&D ointment without lanolin was specially developed for the needs of tattoo care. The lanolin-free ointment consists of a vitamin A and vitamin D base and is used as part of tattoo aftercare. By removing the lanolin, the tattoo cream promotes faster healing by preventing clogged pores. I use these for my clients after they get a tattoo. I recommend using a %26d in the first week so these are big enough to hold them and cheap enough that I can give them away.

Is a %26amp; D ointment good on tattoos?

The ointment is free from unpleasant residue and provides your tattooed skin with breathable, soothing moisture so it feels comfortable. Traditionally, A&d topical ointment in a baby can speed up the healing process and make you comfortable while repairing and recovering the tattooed area. A+D Tattoo Skin Moisturizing Ointment is a skin moisturizer designed to make tattooed skin look its best If you’re not convinced that A&D ointment is the best choice for you, you still have plenty of tattoo aftercare options available.

What is better for tattoos A&D or Vaseline?

While Neosporin isn’t the best option, your tattoo artist will likely recommend another type of healing ointment. As mentioned in the previous point, it’s a great moisturizer so it’s okay for long-term tattoo care. Once you’re out of the shower, you should clean the tattoo with lukewarm water and a fragrance-free soap to remove the vaseline before dabbing the area dry with a clean paper towel. A generally safe choice for tattoo aftercare lotions is plant-based creams and ointments (look for creams with healing comfrey root) that you can find at your local health food store.

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