What Bandages To Use for Tattoos?

Since oxygen itself plays a big role in healing a tattoo properly, suffocating a new art in plastic wrap and following up on petroleum-based can interfere with the healing process. Next, the tattoo is washed and an aftercare product is applied (usually petroleum-based like Aquaphor). For this reason, it is very important that clients take good care of their tattoo after leaving the studio and for a few days after that. The highly absorbent centre is wrapped and sealed with a polyethylene film on all four sides.

How long do you leave Saniderm on a tattoo?

DO NOT sweat excessively — this can push the ink out and weaken the adhesive. Sweat collects under the saniderm and smells bad and clogs your sweat glands, resulting in bumpy skin, increased scar tissue, color loss, and possible infections. I worked with Saniderm for 3 days and only took it off because the ink leaked underneath and I desperately wanted to see the tattoo again. During this time, your tattoo will cry and the bandage will fill up with body fluid called plasma. If you notice excessive crying or liquid under your currently applied piece of Saniderm, it’s okay to carefully replace it with a new one.

Can Saniderm ruin a tattoo?

Tattoos with Saniderm heal faster, have fewer scabs and peeling, and suffer significantly less early tattoo damage. Saniderm also keeps your new tattoo clean and safe from external bacteria, dirt, lint from clothes, etc. As everyone heals differently, the duration depends on how much liquid your tattoo cries, which affects the adhesion of Saniderm. Saniderm is both latex-free and hypoallergenic, and often contributes to faster healing times and darker blacks.

If you need or want to reapply your Saniderm bandage, see the following video for a quick guide on how to put on a new bandage at home.

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