Do Nurses Use Tongue Depressors?

Nurses use tongue depressors:

Precisely ground, polished tongue countersinks with smooth edges. Dynarex’s non-sterile tongue countersinks are precisely ground with smooth edges, robust and uniform in size and color.

What are tongue countersinks called?

Touch injured teeth with a tongue depressor or grip them between gloved fingers to see if they are loose, sensitive, painful, or bleeding. A tongue depressor is a device used in medical practice to depress the tongue to enable an examination of the mouth and throat. The back of the tongue is stimulated on both sides with a tongue depressor to assess the gag reflex. A tongue countersinks (sometimes called a spatula) is an aid used in medical practice to push the tongue and examine the mouth and throat area.

Tongue countersinks are long, flat, rectangular pieces of wood or plastic that are used to remove food or saliva from the tongue. They are typically 2-4 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide. Tongue countersinks are typically used in the medical field for their non-slip grip and their hygienic properties. They are also used by dentists and hygienists to scrape plaque from teeth.

These are medical grade tongue countersinks made from untreated wood. This ensures that the wood is safe for use in the mouth. These tongue depressors are designed to help patients with sore throats, dental work, and other medical needs.

Nurses use tongue depressors

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