Can You Buy Ammonia Inhalants Over the Counter?

Crushable for quick and easy opening They are often used to effectively prevent and treat fainting in medical institutions. Dynarex ammonia inhalants are fast-acting respiratory stimulant capsules. Dynarex ammonia inhalants are fast-acting respiratory stimulant capsules.

These powerful ammonia inhalation ampoules, sometimes called smelling salts, instantly relieve drowsiness.

What do ammonia sports capsules do?

In sports head injuries, there are still many individuals and organizations that recommend the use of smelling salts to revive the injured athlete. The use of smelling salts is particularly popular with soccer and hockey players who believe that this reflex counteracts the effects of a concussion. The use of smelling salts dates back to the Roman Empire but became popular in the Victorian period. The harsh vapors of ammonia can burn the membranes in your nostrils, but that would require the frequent and heavy use of smelling salts.

Why would someone take ammonia pills?

Elderly people and people with a history of heart problems should see a doctor as soon as possible after fainting. This medication is sometimes prescribed for other purposes. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information. Smelling salts, also known as ammonia inhalants, hard horn spirit, or volatile salt, are chemical compounds used as stimulants to restore consciousness after fainting. Smelling salts are typically a diluted ammonia solution, while poppers are a widely used name for inhalable alkyl nitrates.

Each glass capsule enclosed in a fiber web (fig.) contained 0.33 ml of a mixture of 18% ammonia and 36% alcohol.

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