Can Saniderm Ruin a Tattoo?

Saniderm ruin a tattoo:

After completing a tattoo session, make sure the tattoo is clean (no residue left from the tattoo session) and dry the area. Everyone heals differently and the length of time depends on how much fluid your tattoo is crying. Once you have applied the second bandage, it can be worn for up to 6 days. For this reason, it is very important that clients take good care of their tattoo after leaving the studio and for a few days after that.

How long should I leave Saniderm on my tattoo?

Before you replace your saniderm with a new dressing, you can apply a thin layer of sanibalm or an aftercare product. However, according to Saniderm, no matter how the tattoo bandage holds, you’ll replace it at the 24-hour mark. It is generally believed that a saniderm tattoo dressing is no longer necessary in the scab phase. If you notice excessive crying or liquid under your currently applied piece of Saniderm, it’s okay to carefully replace it with a new one.

When your session is over, your artist will clean and wrap your new tattoo with a saniderm bandage.

How long do you keep the adhesive film on the tattoo?

During this phase, fluids and plasma in the bandage dry out and the wrap may feel tight against the skin. To help you understand how the healing process works, we’ve broken down what you should expect in the first few weeks when using the regular, unpackaged method and healing tattoos with Saniderm or Tegaderm. Even though the information on tattooing and aftercare can be contradictory, your tattoo artist will have your well-being at the center of your attention. Just one small thing, you said that the packaging protects against bacteria and other antibodies, while I think you meant pathogens.

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