Wholesale Medical Bandages

Whenever it is necessary to restrict the movements of a limb to allow healing, a triangular bandage is a must. We are your superstore for medical bandages with hundreds of medical and surgical bandages in stock and ready to ship. Wholesale Direct offers a new range of printing Band-Aid that are individually packed in boxes and bulk packs. These fabric Band-Aid are more flexible than traditional plastic bandages and last longer in damp, dirty environments.

Gauze compresses that are held in place with a first aid tape or bandage can be used to cover wounds that are still bleeding or draining to absorb the fluid.

Medical professionals can also use surgical tape to keep a gash closed; in some cases, while it waits to be sewn up. Medical tape, also known as surgical tape, is used to seal wounds and fix bandages. Some medical tapes are made with zinc oxide to reduce the risk of infection. They are supposed to “breathe” so that the air can circulate around the wound. Has been a trusted distributor of EMS supplies, first aid products, and other medical supplies and equipment before hospital and emergency.

Medical tape, also known as surgical tape, is available in many different styles for a variety of medical applications, including cloth, paper, waterproof, microporous, and pressure sensitive.

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