Who Is the Largest Supplier of Medical Supplies?

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The largest supplier of medical supplies:

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Why should medical device manufacturers sell on Medikabazaar?

According to Tiwari, Medikabazaar has opened up new opportunities for manufacturers to penetrate deep into the market that would otherwise rely on salespeople and distributors to reach hospitals and clinics to sell products. Unlicensed vendors that sell counterfeit products do not have the above characteristics. A small door and narrow staircase lead into the crowded but vibrant office of Medikabazaar, the online medical care aggregator needed for hospitals and clinics. To this end, MedikaBazaar will also offer a range of facilities and procurement solutions through its logistics centers, order accuracy, a host of in-depth technical experts, 26 medical professionals, and more who understand the issues surrounding hospital procurement.

What does the Medikabazaar app offer?

The funding will also help Medikabazaar expand its international activities, particularly in the markets of the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. The current investment will be leveraged to strengthen Medikabazaar’s digital capabilities, deepen its care ecosystem and technology-driven sales channels, and strengthen capacity to deliver a wider range of top-quality medical care across geographic regions. By purchasing medical devices through a single online platform and eliminating middlemen, hospitals can reduce costs by 10 to 12 percent, according to Medikabazaar, a medical device aggregator.

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