What Is the Difference Between Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves?

Vinyl and Nitrile

Vinyl and Nitrile- As a result, My Glove Depot offers a comprehensive list of high-quality disposable medical gloves. Most of the new nitrile formulations result in an exceptionally thin and soft glove, offer excellent barrier protection, and are all powder-free. Vinyl can also disintegrate during use, resulting in microscopic cracks and tears in the gloves. Vinyl gloves were the first alternative to latex.

High-quality Elite Protective Blue nitrile 9.5″ powder-free gloves at direct wholesale price from the factory.

Who makes the best medical gloves?

Blue nitrile gloves are commonly used to differentiate between nitrile and latex gloves in the medical field. These options are good for medical examinations and are ideal for cleaning, food service, and anything else where a thin glove is required. These gloves are a premium choice as they are thick enough to provide protection, yet lightweight and stretchy for a comfortable fit. Between his time in large kitchens and as an emergency doctor, Buck spent a lot of time wearing disposable gloves.

Which gloves are medically safe?

To optimize performance with cost-effectiveness and access the appropriate infection control, you need to adapt the type of glove to your intended activity. Industrial-grade gloves (or all-purpose gloves) fall under the FDA’s jurisdiction when used in the food industry. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products, services, and prices that suit all gloves or customer needs. However, many food industry professionals prefer the use of medical gloves because there are fewer perforations that can cause fewer food-handling illnesses.

Examination gloves require rigorous factory-level testing and must meet FDA-acceptable quality limits (AQL) for examination gloves.

Vinyl and Nitrile


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