What Does Hospital Mean?

hospital means

Hospital means

Christ’s Hospital These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online news sources to reflect the current usage of the word “hospital.”. He wears a mask in hospitals, he says, not for himself but for others. When Paul got sick, Ryan, a social worker at the hospital, knew something was wrong. the statement referred to a hospital policy that allows same-sex partners to have the same visitation rights. as legal family members to visit someone in the hospital.

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The recommendation from civilians to wear high-quality masks meant that higher-quality masks could be sent to hospitals facing a flood of infected patients. Federal regulators are focusing on this statistic to assess and sometimes punish transplant programs. This gives hospitals across the country a good reputation and a financial incentive to play them.

Barnabas Hospital, Pellerano, was listed in stable condition with wounds on the chest and arm. When the father arrived at the hospital, he was told that Andrew Dossi had surgery, but the wounds were not life-threatening.

At Woodhull Hospital

Bed-Stuy’s rescue team did everything they could when they rolled Ramos into the emergency room. Both officers were taken to Woodhull Hospital where they were pronounced dead. On the night of the 11th. On June 23, a glowing cannonball lit one of the barracks that was used as a hospital. At the pier in W were several large lighters full of wounded who were about to be dragged to hospital ships.

One or two priests of this order live in the hospital, and two others, lay brothers, act as nurses. The hospital is responsible for an administrator appointed by the governor and is managed by the St. Half the army was hospitalized due to a lack of adequate food and sanitation. We do our best to ensure that our content is useful, accurate, and secure. If you happen to discover an inappropriate comment while navigating our website, please use this form to let us know and we’ll take care of it shortly.

A hospital is a health facility that treats patients with specialized health workers and medical support staff and medical devices. The most well-known type of hospital is the general hospital, which typically has an emergency room to address urgent health problems, from fire and accident victims to sudden illness.

A district hospital

A district hospital is typically the most important health facility in its region, with many critic-care beds and extra beds for patients who need long-term care. Specialized hospitals include trauma centers, rehabilitation clinics, children’s hospitals, older (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals that address specific medical needs such as psychiatric treatment (see psychiatric hospital) and specific disease categories.

Specialized hospitals

Specialized hospitals can help reduce healthcare costs compared to general hospitals. Hospitals are classified as general, specialized, or government based on the revenue streams received. Contact with nature and hospital gardens is also important — looking out the windows improves patients’ mood and lowers blood pressure and stress. The Royal Naval Hospital in Stonehouse, Plymouth, pioneered hospital design with pavilions to minimize the spread of infection.

North America Hospital

(Hospital de Jesús Nazareno)

The first hospital in North America was built in Mexico City in 1524 by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés; the structure is still standing. Throughout the Middle Ages, but especially in the 12th. In the 19th century, the number of hospitals in Europe grew rapidly. The French built a hospital in Canada in Quebec City in 1639, the Hôtel-Dieu du Précieux Sang, which is still in operation (as Hôtel-Dieu de Québec), although not at its original location.

These hospitals marked a turning point in the facility’s function. They developed from primary care places for the sick into centers for medical innovation and discovery, and the main place for the training and education of potential practitioners.

Military hospitals

Military hospitals were built along the routes traveled; the Knights Hospitalers of the Order of St. A specialized hospital is primarily and exclusively dedicated to one or more related medical specialties. In keeping with the original meaning of the word, hospitals were originally places of hospitality, and this meaning is still preserved in the names of some establishments such as the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Which was founded in 1681 as a retirement and nursing home for veteran soldiers. In keeping with the original meaning of the word, hospitals were originally places of hospitality, and this meaning is still preserved in the names of some establishments such as the Royal Hospital Chelsea, which was founded in 1681 as a retirement and nursing home for experienced soldiers.

Arab hospitals

Arab hospitals such as hospitals in Baghdad and Damascus, and Cordoba, Spain, were characterized by the fact that they admitted patients regardless of religious beliefs, race, or social order. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the English word “hospital” originally comes from the Latin noun “hopes,” which stands for “a guest or visitor” and “one who provides accommodation or entertainment for a guest or visitor.”

French noblewoman

In 1644, Jeanne Mance, a French noblewoman, built a hospital out of thinned logs on the island of Montreal. This was the start of the Hôtel-Dieu de St. In England, after the dissolution of the monasteries in 1540 by King Henry VIII, the church suddenly stopped supporting hospitals, and only on a direct request from London citizens did the hospital’s St. Bartholomew’s, St. Thomas and St.. Mary of Bethlehems (Bedlam) donated directly by the Crown; this was the first instance of secular support for medical institutions.

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Hospital means


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