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Anyway, I placed an order with Edgepark on December 10th for a Dexcom material that the doctor had to script for it. It was sent back to Edgepark and then sent to the insurance company. Since 1983, Northwest Medical has provided high-quality respiratory services to both the pediatric and adult populations in Northwest and Alaska. Devices used to cover, fill, or otherwise treat openings on the body surface, including wounds, ulcers, or burns. The Lincare Home ventilator program allows the ventilator-dependent patients to have as much normalcy as possible in their lives while still receiving complex medical treatment.

Norco offers a full range of quality healthcare equipment and supplies to meet your home care needs. Whether you are facing challenges while aging at home or recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, we have what you need to move forward. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service and delivery teams will make sure you’re comfortable with your new equipment. Our reimbursement specialists will work with your insurance and file claims on your behalf. Below are some of the common categories of home medical equipment and supplies Norco provides. (Note: some items are available only in certain regions, and some may require a physician’s prescription.)

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