Is Henry Schein a Wholesaler?

Henry Schein is the largest distributor of medical, pharmaceutical and surgical wholesale products in all North American and European markets combined. Your only complete source for brand and generic healthcare. Is the largest distribution partner in the whole of North America and Europe, combined for wholesale medical supplies and health services for doctors in the office. Licensed medical professionals turn to Henry Schein online as a source of medical care. Henry Schein Medical is a leading distributor for healthcare providers and does not sell or distribute products to non-medical professionals or the general public.

Henry Schein Medical carries over 190,000 wholesale medical supplies and products, including national and Henry Schein medical and surgical specialty items, devices and instruments, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. In most cases, we can ship products the same day with free freight and a 99% fill rate. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing customers with the best quality medical care, services and equipment products, Henry Schein Medical has also developed an expanded Practitioner’s Resource Center to provide you with the latest public health information and awareness on the Keep up to date. Henry Schein Medical adheres to a code for a quick response, which means you must do everything you can to help your doctor practice succeed.

As our customer, you are our top priority. An agreement with the American Medical Association enabled the group’s member doctors to receive discounts on Scheins’s catalog list of 18,000 medical care products. For more than 78 years, Henry Schein has provided medical care and equipment to medical professionals, hospital doctors and doctors in private practice in more than 190 countries. Henry Schein sold his retail business in the mid-1970s to become a full-time distributor of medical and dental supplies and generics.

Hospitals and other medical facilities can purchase supplies through a group purchasing organization, or negotiate directly with retailers or wholesalers, who all do a larger part of their online business.


Gabriel Nieves

After experiencing a variety of shortages, crises, and inefficiencies in the status quo of the procurement and distribution industry, I undertook the responsibility of building an interface for large organizations to abstract away uncertainty throughout their supply chain under most conditions.

We are focused on building a framework from which our teams of professionals on the ground can provide a new generation of procurement support and professional services for supply chain critical organizations around the nation.

We understand that the marketing process of critical supplies is a matter of national security and public safety. In this, we found our passion and mission: developing technologies, supplier networks, and platforms for the organizations that need it most.