How much do hospitals mark up drugs?

Hospitals mark up drugs:

According to an analysis by Ronny Gal, a senior research analyst at Bernstein, hospitals show drug prices by an average of 250 percent. A recent report examines the cost differences for medicines in hospitals. A comparison with two dozen drugs led to the finding that the mark-up is 250% on average. More than 30% of the hospitals included in the analysis did not have biosimilars in stock for the drugs they analyzed.

Although insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies have often been held responsible for high drug costs, this report may result in hospitals being subjected to more scrutiny. As shocking as this may be, these exorbitant drug surcharges are a recognized practice in the medical industry and are considered one of the factors contributing to the high cost of medical care in the United States.

Hospitals receive billions of dollars every year in negotiated and mandatory discounts from biopharmaceutical companies while simultaneously increasing the price of these medicines to insurers and patients. policy experts have routinely said the best way to reduce high drug costs is to lower the list price of medications set by drug companies.

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