How Many Hospitals Are in Eau Claire, Wi?

Eau Claire County Hospitals; Mayo Clinic Health System — Luther Campus · 1400 Bellinger St; HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital · 900 W Clairemont Ave; Marshfield Clinic —. The Eau Claire WI Sacred Heart hospital is part of the Hospital Sisters health care system and provides high-quality, compassionate care. WEAU) — With the rise of Delta variant in Wisconsin, hospitals are seeing more COVID-19 patients at their doors.

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Joseph’s Hospitals

  • Jen Drayton, chief nursing officer of Joseph’s Hospitals, said more beds are occupied by COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients waiting for treatment during the pandemic Bill Priest, chief administrative officer of Marshfield Medical Center Eau Claire, said staff there are treating many virus patients.
  • Luther Hospital and the Midelfort Clinic joined forces to form Luther Midelfort. A regional medical center, to meet the ever-growing medical needs of the Chippewa Valley region.
  • Today, the hospital is a 304-bed acute care hospital that provides Eau Claire and the surrounding community with a range of medical specialties, ranging from comprehensive heart and trauma care to a family-oriented delivery program with intensive care.

Luther Hospital

In 1992, Luther Hospital and the Midelfort Clinic joined the world-famous Mayo Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota. Your health needs always come first in the Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. And regardless of whether it is basic care or specialist care. HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital is connected to OakLeaf Medical Network.

A doctor-led, patient-centric healthcare services network that delivers care in small, personalized environments across communities across northwest Wisconsin. Through the collaboration and sharing and expertise that only Mayo Clinic can provide. And the Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire brings the Mayo Clinic to you.

The organization has grown into one of the largest multidisciplinary groups in Wisconsin. more than 200 doctors representing almost all medical specialties. Hans Christian Midelfart, A Norwegian immigrant. together with five other colleagues, opened the Midelfart Clinic in downtown Eau Claire in 1927.

One patient who showed up at Mayo Clinic’s Eau Claire Hospital on Sunday morning was 89-year-old Garnet Shong who had a stroke. Although vaccination does not guarantee that someone won’t be hospitalized. Priest and Drayton are asking people to get an injection as it greatly reduces the chances that someone who gets the virus will end up in intensive care. In the mid-1960s, doctors needed more space. In 1969, 18 doctors moved to a new building on West Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire.

HSHS hospitals

Prevea Health offers patients access to a full range of primary care, specialist groups, and HSHS hospitals across Wisconsin. In 1995, the Midelfort Clinic significantly expanded its base of operations. in Eau Claire by opening a five-story medical office building attached to Luther Hospital.

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