Do We Need a Drug License To Sell Oximeters in India?

medicine license

Medicine license:

The government has not placed oxygen concentrators under the Drugs Act, but these portable oxygen production machines can be sold under voluntary license registration until September. All wholesale and retail stores selling medical devices in the country will soon need to be registered by the drug regulatory authorities of the states they operate. The way in which DCA and MDR ensure the quality and safety of reported medical devices at all levels of the supply chain is to enforce a binding licensing requirement. The supply chain of the device in question also does not require a license simply because the importer or manufacturer of medical devices has applied for and obtained a drug license.

The scope of DCA is limited only to those medical devices that are reported by the government from time to time as “drugs” (commonly referred to as “notified medical devices”). The government initially registered all medical devices as medicines in order to maintain regulatory control over the manufacture of medical devices. The supply chain of newly notified medical devices (including marketers) must also be licensed to distribute them (i. Sanjiiiv Relhan, chairman of the Preventive Wear Manufacturers’ Association of India (PWMAI), welcomed the development and said that there was no regulation in the medical device trade more visible during the Covid-19 pandemic than anyone was allowed to store and sell medical devices such as pulse oximeters, infrared thermometers and PPE regardless of their quality.

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