Which vacutainer tubes for what tests?

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Sterile glass tube- BD Vacutainer plastic tubes provide a safe method of collecting blood and reduce the risk of tube breaks and sample spills, reducing the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Which vacutainer tubes for which tests?

When more than one blood sample is required, multiple sample needles and vacuum tubes make blood collection easier and more efficient. When using a benchtop centrifuge, use a balancer tube of the same type that contains an equivalent volume of water. The aseptic method for collecting and transporting blood samples uses the principle of a vacuum tube for blood collection. The serum can be sent into the centrifuge tube with an intact barrier (correct separation during centrifugation) between cells and serum or in a plastic transport tube or sterile glass tube.

If multiple samples are required, remove the first collection tube from its holder as soon as blood flow is interrupted, turn the first tube upside down to prevent clotting, and gently insert the second tube into the holder.

What does Vacutainer mean?

A vacutainer can be defined as a proprietary vacuum blood collection tube to facilitate blood collection. Simpson murder case, when the defense claimed that small droplets of blood found at the crime scene contained the preservative EDTA; if this were true, it would have meant that the droplet would have been taken from the purple top tube that would have been used to collect Simpsons’ blood and plant it at the crime scene. A vacutainer is, therefore, a sterile glass Tube or plastic tube with a closure, which is evacuated to create a vacuum inside, which makes it easier to remove a predetermined volume of blood. Vacutainer (plural vacutainer) (medicine) A collection tube with an internal vacuum that is used to collect blood samples.


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