What tests are SST tubes used for?

SST tubes

An exception is a sample that was submitted in a PPT tube. Plasma can be frozen and transported in the original tube The color-coded Vacutainer tubes on the inner cover are recommended unless otherwise stated in the alphabetical test list. The additive in each tube is shown on the label, and the tube stoppers are color-coded according to the additive present. Mix the blood thoroughly with the additives by gently turning the tube eight times over (for light blue tubes (sodium citrate).

Evacuated tubes for taking plasma samples contain an anticoagulant and often a preservative.

Which tubes can be taken for whole blood tests?

This mixed blood can then be centrifuged to produce a plasma that contains albumin, globulin, and fibrinogen. When more than one blood sample is required, multiple sample needles and vacuum tubes make blood collection easier and more efficient. Push the slide quickly along the entire length of the slide and draw a thin line of blood behind you. When frozen plasma is required, place the plastic transport tubes immediately in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and tell your professional service agent that you have a frozen sample to collect.

If the vacuum tube doesn’t fill properly and you’re sure you’ve entered the vein correctly, replace another tube.

Is an EDTA tube for plasma or serum

Most of these metabolite differences were due to higher serum amino acid levels compared to heparin plasma, EDTA plasma, and fluoride plasma. For each subject, serum and plasma samples were collected in six different tubes containing plastic tubes without additives (for serum) as well as acid citrate, dextrose plasma (ACD), sodium citrate (citrate), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), sodium fluoride (fluoride) and sodium heparin (heparin) (for plasma) (BD Biosciences, San José CA). Whether you’re taking samples in-house or at a clinic, hospital, or pathology center, you need to have a good idea of what type of blood collection tube is right for you. We found that ACD plasma and citrate plasma were very different from serum, primarily due to significant spikes (of citrate and glucose) in the NMR spectra derived from the anticoagulants themselves.

What tests are SST tubes used for?

If multiple samples are required, remove the first collection tube from its holder as soon as blood flow is interrupted, turn the first tube upside down to prevent clotting, and gently insert the second tube into the holder. When using a benchtop centrifuge, use a balancer tube of the same type that contains an equivalent volume of water. Since additives are not interchangeable, it is necessary to consult the sample requirements section of the individual test descriptions to determine the appropriate collection requirements for the ordered test. If only a single collection tube is needed, when the vacuum is exhausted, and the tube is completely filled, release the tourniquet and remove the tube from the needle assembly.


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