What is a phlebotomy tube used for CBC?


Phlebotomy CBC- It contains a rapid clot activator known as thrombin. Since the additive still results in a whole blood sample of plasma and red blood cells, the coagulation tubes also contain buffered trisodium citrate solution. Following LabCorp’s suggested collection, preparation, and transportation instructions support the best possible test results. The serum can be sent into the centrifuge tube with an intact barrier (correct separation during centrifugation) between cells and serum or in a plastic transport tube.

If multiple tests are ordered that require frozen serum, a plastic transport tube should be prepared for each test.

What do the tubes mean in phlebotomy?

A tiny rubber cover automatically closes when the vacuum tube is removed from its holder, preventing leakage and blood loss when changing tubes. When performed, it allows the technologist to microscopically view the actual appearance of red and white blood cells. Send plasma to a plastic transport tube marked “Plasma, Sodium Heparin” or “Plasma, Lithium Heparin.” Plasma is obtained from blood that has been mixed with an anticoagulant in a collection tube and is, therefore, not coagulated.

If only a single collection tube is needed, when the vacuum is exhausted, and the tube is completely filled, release the tourniquet and remove the tube from the needle assembly.

Which phlebotomy tube is used for CBC?

EDTA is used for most hematological procedures to determine the complete blood count, prepare EDTA plasma, and collect whole blood and bone marrow samples. Do not use gel barrier tubes to submit samples for therapeutic drug monitoring, direct Coombs, blood type, and blood groups. To allow adequate mixing, slowly turn the tube eight to ten times (four times for citrate tubes) with a gentle wrist rotation. With some needle assemblies, you can slide the collection tube into the holder while gently pushing the tubes forward until the needle touches the stopper.


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