What is the order of drawing by tube color?


Vacuum tube- With injection technology, venipuncture is performed without a direct connection to the collection tube. The blood smear (commonly known as a blood smear) can be an important part of clinical testing. This can cause discomfort to the patient and also hemolysis. This may result in changes in the concentration of certain analytes.

Well-prepared films can be used to determine the differential white blood cell count, to study the morphology (size, structure, and shape) of red and white cells to determine the presence of abnormal cells, and to study the size and number of platelets. To prevent coagulation, mix the blood with the anticoagulant or preservative immediately after taking each sample.

Which blood tube colors are there for which test?

If a Coag tube (light blue) is the only or first tube to be drawn, a 5 ml disposal tube must be drawn first.

What is a yellow upper blood tube for?

Hemolysis occurs when the thin protective membrane that encloses the fragile red blood cells is ruptured, allowing hemoglobin to escape into the plasma. Phlebotomists use gold tubes to collect samples for blood chemistry analysis, immunology, and serological testing. Blood collected with an anticoagulant suitable for the test described cannot be considered suitable for other tests. The serum can be sent into the centrifuge tube with an intact barrier (correct separation during centrifugation) between cells and serum, or in a plastic transport tube.

Always use the correct vacuum tube for tests that require a specific anticoagulant (such as EDTA, heparin, sodium citrate, etc.) or preservative.


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