What is bd tube?

bd tube

BD Vacutainer plastic tubes provide a safe method of collecting blood and reduce the risk of tube breaks and sample spills, reducing the risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

What are the different types of vacutainers?

On the basis of the components present in the pipe or because of the function of the pipe, the pipe can be divided into the following types. The collection process required phlebotomists to use a needle to puncture the vein and then maneuver the blood into the glass tube. The possibility of collective errors and the ongoing safety risks for patients and phlebotomists were visibly obvious. To repeat once again: The color of the tube cap indicates the type of additive the tube contains for a common laboratory test.

These practices worked, but this blood collection technique had many flaws that urgently needed to be improved.

What is BD Tube?

BD Diagnostics – Preanalytical Systems is an industry pioneer and a leader in evacuated blood collection systems.

Which vacutainer tubes for which tests?

To allow adequate mixing, slowly turn the tube eight to ten times (four times for citrate tubes) with a gentle wrist rotation. If the vacuum tube doesn’t fill properly and you’re sure you’ve entered the vein correctly, replace another tube. Place the tip of the pipette against the side of the tube, approximately ¼ inch above the cell layer. All tubes should be marked with the patient’s full name or identification number as shown on the test request form or bar code.

Send plasma to a plastic transport tube marked “Plasma, Sodium Heparin” or “Plasma, Lithium Heparin.”


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