What blood tube colors are for which test?

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Blood test tube- Blood collected with an anticoagulant suitable for the test described cannot be considered suitable for other tests. Hemolysis occurs when the thin protective membrane that encloses the fragile red blood cells is ruptured, allowing hemoglobin to escape into the plasma. To ensure sample integrity in warm weather, follow these instructions for frozen gel packs and sample sealing. When performed, it allows the technologist to microscopically view the actual appearance of red and white blood cells.

As hemolysis affects many procedures, please submit samples that are as free of hemolysis as possible. With injection technology, venipuncture is performed without a direct connection to the collection tube.

What is the order of drawing by tube color?

Blood should NEVER be poured from one tube to another as the tubes may have different additives or coatings (see illustrations at the end). Needles are available for evacuated systems and for use with a syringe, single-pull, or butterfly system. Effects of using smaller volume, lower-volume blood collection tubes on hemolysis in emergency room blood samples. They are listed after chemical additives are introduced into the tube by the manufacturer to perform a specific function when mixed with blood.

If only a routine coagulation test is the only test ordered, a single light blue top tube may be drawn.

What does a purple blood tube mean?

This is your basic hematology tube (by which I mean identifying and counting blood cells, blood type, etc.) Only a tiny amount of blood is needed for a glucose test, but to determine lactate levels, the bottle should ideally contain at least 1 ml of blood. To allow adequate mixing, slowly turn the tube eight to ten times (four times for citrate tubes) with a gentle wrist rotation. Immediately after removing the needle from the vein, gently touch the tip of the needle with one of the clean slides. This results in a small drop of blood with a diameter of about 1 to 2 mm, about the size of a match head.

The first thing to find out is whether you need to seek out serum or whether you need to prevent blood clotting.


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