What blood tube colors are for which test?

SST tubes

With injection technology, venipuncture is performed without a direct connection to the collection tube. All tubes should be marked with the patient’s full name or identification number as shown on the test request form or bar code. If only a single collection tube is needed, when the vacuum is exhausted and the tube is completely filled, release the tourniquet and remove the tube from the needle assembly. This may result in changes in the concentration of certain analytes.

The blood smear (commonly known as a blood smear) can be an important part of clinical testing. In addition, the gel barrier may not be intact and may result in improper separation of serum and cells, potentially affecting test results.

What is a red vial used for?

There are numerous coagulation factors (factor VIII, factor IX, etc.) that are involved in blood coagulation. Compared to taking venous blood, ABGs are technically more demanding, riskier, and much more unpleasant for the patient. Blood collected with an anticoagulant suitable for the test described cannot be considered suitable for other tests. There is also another version of the red glass bottle that does not contain any additives.

If multiple samples are required, remove the first collection tube from its holder as soon as blood flow is interrupted, turn the first tube upside down to prevent clotting, and gently insert the second tube into the holder.

Which test is collected in a Red Top or SST tube?

Alternatively, samples may be collected for culture using Amies gel transport swabs, but they may not be suitable for all tests. If you carefully follow the urine collection instructions, you do not need to remember any samples. Samples containing radioisotopes will only be approved for testing if precautions have been taken beforehand and the samples are clearly marked to identify the contaminating isotope, the dose and compound administered to the patient, and the date of administration. For information on the sampling procedure, refer to the order of collection with multiple tube collections and the tests found elsewhere in this laboratory testing guide to the specifications for

the samples Samples should be collected using appropriate collection devices and sealed tightly to prevent leaks.


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