What are the different types of vacutainers?

different color test tube

If the vacuum tube doesn’t fill properly and you’re sure you’ve entered the vein correctly, replace another tube. When more than one blood sample is required, multiple sample needles and vacuum tubes make blood collection easier and more efficient. When more than one blood sample is required, multiple sample needles and vacuum tubes make blood collection easier and more efficient. When frozen plasma is required, place the plastic transport tubes immediately in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and tell your professional service agent that you have a frozen sample to collect.

When more than one blood sample is required, multiple sample needles and vacuum tubes make blood collection easier and more efficient. Always use the correct vacuum tube for tests that require a specific anticoagulant (such as EDTA, heparin, sodium citrate, etc.) or preservative. Plasma is obtained from blood that has been mixed with an anticoagulant in a collection tube and is, therefore, not coagulated.

Which blood tube colors are there for which test?

If a Coag tube (light blue) is the only or first tube to be drawn, a 5 ml disposal tube must be drawn first.

What are the various color tubes used for?

While the number of colors may seem overwhelming for normal people, healthcare professionals are trained to draw blood and distinguish one test tube from another, as required by the sample being withdrawn. These tubes are available with or without a safety lock (rubber stopper in the plastic cap), with a wide range of labeling options and sealing colors, as well as a range of draw volumes. Routine hematologic tests that use EDTA tubes include hemoglobin, hematocrit, white blood cells, red blood cells and platelet count, reticulocyte count, eosinophil count, fluid body count, sickle cell test, and red blood cell sedimentation rate. A Vacutainer blood collection tube is a sterile glass or plastic tube with a seal that is evacuated to create a vacuum within the tube that makes it easier to draw off a predetermined volume of liquid.

What are the different types of vacutainers?

After taking blood, the technicians added various chemical additives such as EDTA and citrate to the test tube to prevent coagulation. To repeat once again: The color of the tube cap indicates the type of additive the tube contains for a common laboratory test. The possibility of collective errors and the ongoing safety risks for patients and phlebotomists were visibly obvious. On the basis of the components present in the pipe or because of the function of the pipe, the pipe can be divided into the following types.

These practices worked, but this blood collection technique had many flaws that urgently needed to be improved.

Which vial is used for which test?

The chemical was chosen to preserve some characteristics of the sample and to work with the method used to perform the test. Blood collected with an anticoagulant suitable for the test described cannot be considered suitable for other tests. Various types of anticoagulants interfere with the activity of these factors to prevent coagulation. Since additives are not interchangeable, it is necessary to consult the sample requirements section of the individual test descriptions to determine the appropriate collection requirements for the ordered test.

There are numerous coagulation factors (factor VIII, factor IX, etc.) that are involved in blood coagulation.


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